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CBCT Level 1 training – ONLINE COURSE

This training is intended for dentists, dental nurses with the certificate in dental radiography (CDR), dental hygienists and dental therapists who are already adequately trained to take 2D radiographs.

It is limited to CBCT imaging of the dento-alveolar region. BOOK HERE

£200* Registered CT Dent Practitioner
£280 Non Registered Practitioner

Learning outcomes:
• To understand the concept of the imaging “chain” from initiating the X-ray exposure to display of the image
• To understand the interaction of x-rays with matter
• To understand the biological effects of radiation
• To understand the background radiation and its origin
• To understand the principles of image detectors and their influence on image quality
• To understand the selection criteria for intraoral and panoramic radiography and its influence on radiation protection
• To understand the difference between two-dimensional and 3D imaging
• To understand the regulations that direct the use of CBCT
• To understand the importance of gaining new knowledge by following scientific developments and improvements in diagnostic imaging and technology

7 CPD points

This course takes approximately 7 hours to complete and you can do it at your leisure by logging in and out when convenient.

*Discounted rate only available for practitioners who have referred a minimum of 1 patient to CT Dent in the last 12 months.

Development Outcomes

This training meets the development outcomes criteria C and D for the GDC’s Enhanced CPD requirements.

Please ensure that you complete the five hours of verifiable CPD in radiography and radiation protection which is highly recommended for those who undertake dental radiography under the GDC’s “enhanced CPD” scheme.

The design and delivery of this CBCT training programme has been completed by Dr Jimmy Makdissi, an experienced Dental and Maxillofacial Radiologist and the founder of the Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology Training Academy. CT Dent is working in partnership with JM Radiology to launch this online module.