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Dr Nilesh Parmar discusses his experience of working with CT Dent

Dr Nilesh Parmar talks to Dentistry about his experience of working with a dental imaging referral centre.

Dentistry: What were your main reasons for seeking a dental imaging referral centre?
Nilesh Parmar (NP): The clinic I work at in London does not have a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine on site. We tried using local practices with CBCT scanners but found the procedure a bit taxing for the patients, and lacked technical support for looking at scans. I needed a reliable, quick and efficient scanning centre.

Dentistry: What did you look for when searching a dental imaging centre?
NP: For me, the most important things to look for were always the types of machines they had, the opening hours and the ability to download the scans when needed. Also, cost is an important factor.

Dentistry: Why did you choose CT Dent?
NP: CT Dent has fantastic staff, a great location and it always seems to be open, with easy access to appointments. Patients find the process easy and fast, with great quality scans. I haven’t had a bad scan from them yet.

Dentistry: How quickly and conveniently could CT Dent see your patients?
NP: That’s one of the best things about CT Dent, they always seem to be open – I have never had any complaints from patients regarding availability.

Dentistry: How has your patient feedback been?
NP: It’s always been good; patients are in and out quite quickly and are even able to attend the dental imaging centre on their lunchbreak, if needed.

Dentistry: How would you describe your experience with CT Dent?
NP: It is an excellent scanning service run by professional people and I would recommend it.

Dentistry: Anything else you’d like to mention?
NP: I’ve seen their development over the years, and I’m impressed. Instead of remaining as just a scanning centre, they now offer Trios scans and have numerous ways with which to view a scan – be it via an iPad or a desktop computer. They always seem to be developing and updating.

Published first by Dentistry magazine